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Welcome to our At-a-Glance Online Cremation Price Shopper


Price quotes are from current **GPL's (General Price Lists) from each of the listed funeral homes and confirmed by phone on July 11, 2016. All prices include the *minimum alternative container (cardboard box) required by all crematories. We do not guarantee the prices (except for Lincoln Family Funeral Care) because they are subject to change without notice. However, we will review the prices frequently and update as needed.


All of the following prices are for a direct or simple cremation and include: basic services of funeral director and staff, transfer from place of death (Lincoln and surrounding area--usually within a 25 mile radius of the city), refrigeration (48 hours), service vehicle, legal authorizations and documentation, cremation fee, simple container for cremated remains and *minimum alternative container for cremation.


 Lincoln Family Funeral Care    (Online arrangements only)                    $1,150.00   
 Roper & Sons Funeral Services $3,509.50
 Metcalf Funeral Home $3,409.50
 Lincoln Memorial Funeral Home / Dignity $3,340.00 
 Wyuka Funeral Home $2,450.00
 Butherus, Maser & Love Funeral Home $2,385.00
 Alternative Funeral & Cremation Services $1,345.00
 Trump Funeral & Cremation Services $1,250.00
 Aspen Cremation Services $1,495.00
 Lincoln Family Funeral Care     (Personalized option) $1,450.00 
 Colonial Chapel Funeral Home $2,295.00


*When comparing or confirming prices yourself, be sure the quote you receive includes the required minimum alternative container. Many prices quoted over the phone or on the websites of funeral/cremation service providers do not include the fee for this container. Since it can significantly increase the stated price, it's important to include it in order to make a fair comparison.


**The General Price List or GPL is the cornerstone of the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule. It was designed to protect consumer's rights during a very vulnerable time. Read more about it here: Funeral Rule